At Laser Gym our mission is to produce easy to use products that truly improve people’s quality of life. Whether they relieve your pain, improve your sports game, or enhance your social life, we strive to develop products that leave you feeling strong and relaxed. Our devices are good for the mind, body and soul and we hope that you will be the next to enjoy the numerous benefits of Laser Gym® products as so many have already.

Derived from internal martial arts and extensive research in Biomechanics

Laser Gym® products combine physical movement with multi sensory stimulation to deliver a relaxing, technique driven workout. Nowhere will you find this unprecedented combination of unique movements with multi sensory visual feedback. Studies have shown that certain patterns used in Laser Gym® programs have incredible psychological benefits, including right-left brain integration, improvement in ability to focus, mind-body cohesion. Laser Gym® programs can help to heal previously formed discontinuities between mind and body, allowing new, correct habits to grow and take hold.

Eliminate Back Pain, Improve Posture, and Enhance Flexibility

The Core Laser utilizes laser technology to improve the users everyday body functionality and quality of life. Our products help to increase the user’s range of motion, flexibility, functionality, control and strength of the pelvic area. Laser Gym® products employ a new patented method of “direct visual feedback”, which literally provides the user with a “guiding light” for proper biomechanics. The laser simply allows you to see exactly what and how your body is moving. This method forms a unique “mind-body” connection allowing significant gains in a short period of time.

How Does It Work?

• Step 1 strap the Core Laser belt around your waist and align yourself to the target to perform 5-8 minutes of exercise.

• Step 2 performing the exercises will increase the strength and flexibility of your small stabilizing muscles, who are responsible for day to day movement.

• Step 3 more important than increasing muscles strength, using the visual bio feedback training will help your brain to re-establish neuro-pathway communication with the spine stabilizers.

• Step 4 Get active and enjoy your life!


"After using the Core Laser for a couple of weeks my back pain almost totally disappeared. "

~ Jack Canfield

Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"The Core Laser helped me literally within about a week of using it."

~ Mark Connolly

"The Core Laser helps with blood flow, giving you more mobility and motion."

~ Don Rhoades

"At 42 years old, I felt like my life had been stripped from me and I was so unhappy. But now I’m able to enjoy life again, it’s an awesome thing, it really is!"

~ Sean Obrien

"After using Core Laser I am feeling great! I don’t reach for pills, I don’t think about my back pain, I can focus on what I do"

~ Dennis Arutian

"I was so impressed with the Core Laser and what it did for me, that I actually gave it to my mother who is 84 years and has rather severe degenerative disk disease."

~ Jim Dunn

"The Core Laser gives me a practice plan and game plan for back pain"

~ Coach Bob Williams